2011. április 27., szerda

My creativity

Well, this is my new hobby:-), I've started making wall stickers by hand, and I quite enjoy it... We have all these huge white walls, you need permission to paint them if you want any sort of change, and also DIY shops are not on every corner here, so that you could just start painting yourself, it demands a lot of planning and strangers coming and messing up your house... So I found this owl family sticker in a Hungarian creative magasine and I made it for Soffi,,,, Then I thought to myself, I have now these big rolls of selfadhersive wallpaper, I might as well use it for something else too, so I looked for inspiration on the net, and started decorating the rest of the house:-). Then my friend Dalia even asked me to decorate her bedroom, so now I'm almost ready to start to start a business on this:-)!


Soffi's room:

Our bedroom:
Our guestroom:
This is my friend, Dalia's bedroom:

3 megjegyzés:

  1. Jaj de ügyes vagy, új tálentum, vagy mindig volt?

  2. À, most kezdtem csak ilyet csinálni, nem tartom magam kreatívnak egyèbkènt, de periòdusokban szívesen elbíbelôdök ilyenekkel:-), na meg ez elôtt nem is volt rà idôm, meg hamarosan megint nem is lesz:-)!

  3. Csak így tovább! Legalább a compundban legyen hírneve a magyar design-nak! ;)