2011. április 27., szerda

The Vera Wang Fashion Show

My dear friend, Dalia has invited me to the Vera Wang Charity Fashion Show last weekend. So I gladly said yes:-). The event took place at The Pearl, the runway was outdoors facing the marine, just fabulos!!! After the show we were all invited for dinner at the Mango Tree Restaurant. Nice experience, thanks to Dalia:-)!

The show was a Charity event to support the Occupational Therapy Unit in Rumaillah Hospital. Vera Wang was of course NOT present, so the show was held in quite a Doha-style, but I really enjoyed it anyway, and afterwards the dinner was just fantastic! This was a ladies only event, so it was nice to see the Qatari ladies taking their abbayas and headscarfs of inside the restaurant and actually dancing and having fun!

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Ragyogsz, bogár, nagyon jó látni! Tudjuk már a legifjabb Labancz nemét?

  2. Köszönöm:-), igyekszem nem elengedni magam:-)! Elvileg szerdàn kiderül a baba neme, ha ô is ùgy akarja:-)!

  3. I really enjoyed your company Mamasita, I am glad you came with me